Website (the ‘Site’) is the digital property of the company Advertmobi LLP. (‘company’, ‘we’ or ‘us’). We provide this Privacy Policy for the information on how the technology we use deals with the data we get from advertisers, publishers, site owners, and the other users of our service. This Policy also outlines how we practice privacy on our site— All answers to your questions regarding our Privacy Policy can be answered You agree with all statements in our Privacy Policy, if you decide to visit or use our site; to become an advertiser or a publisher (subsequently called ‘advertiser’, ‘publisher’ or ‘clients ’ for both); or use the services which we offer (‘services’). If you do not accept the following statements, please refrain from visiting or using our site as well as our services.

Personal Details (PD)

We collect personal details (PD) on our site when you try to become a client and decide to provide us with your PD. PD is all data about the person or agency which can help to identify them and their location. PD includes such data as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. You can render your PD by sending an e-mail to us or filling in the form on our website. Since we collect your data, we promise to keep it for our record purposes only. Sometimes data that we store can be deleted because of the occurrence of force majeure or any other situation.

Data Usage

Advertmobi promises not to sell, share, or provide any other party with your PD. Data usage can be necessary in the following cases: 
1) business conditions, for example, sending invoice or payments to the client; 
2) violation of the treaty with the client; 
3) when it is required by law and requested by the appropriate body; 
4) if the company goes bankrupt or changes its status; 
5) if the company requires that it is necessary in the effort to protect its rights and the rights of any other related party from charges.

Non-Personal Details

Company collects non-personal details (Non-PD) from all people who visit the site. Non-PD is the data which cannot be used with the aim to identify or locate a person or agency. Such data includes IP address, viewed pages, type of browser, internet provider, name of the domain, date and time when you enter the site, PC’s operating system, referring URL, etc.

Web Beacons and Cookies

Company uses web beacons and cookies with the aim to improve the activity of the site and also to manage it. Cookies are little files with alphanumeric symbols. Web beacons are little pieces of code which are used for delivering an image to the web page or in an e-mail, with the purpose of data transferring. Users can block cookies, but users will need to correct corresponding settings in their browser. Check the site of your browser supplier and find out how to do this correctly. You can find more interesting details about web beacons and cookies over the web, if necessary.

Third-party Websites may contain links or advertising of other-party sites, which have their own policies. As well as the Company endeavors to cooperate only with the reliable sites, it cannot bear responsibility for their activities and content. Please, check the conditions of the Privacy Policy of any site that you visit.

Minor Children

The site is meant only for people who are eighteen years old or older. Company does not deliberately cooperate with minor children. We take it very seriously and commit to stop such cooperation once we find out that it has taken place. We ask parents and guardians to monitor the internet activity of their children.


Company promises to secure all details collected from the users. All possible technical and physical actions will be taken to protect PD online and offline. All users should take into account that any data transferred over the web can not be secured completely. Users should remember that they provide us with the personal details at their own risk. We use the most modern systems to protect all PD that we get from you. No third parties have access to your PD. The access to PD is limited by the authorized staff only. Your PD can be used only in the company’s offices for business purposes. In compliance with applicable state law, we shall notify every user or authorized organization in the case of a data security breach. Company is obliged to send an e-mail and to provide the details about such a breach. The informing of the client or user may be delayed at the demand of law enforcement agencies, in order to estimate the scope of the damage and to engage in remedial solutions.

Changes to the Policy and Corresponding Notification

Advertmobi has the right to change or/and update all statements of the Privacy Policy at any time. Such changes and updates have to be followed by the correct notification on the site, with the explanation of the reason of such action. As soon as new or updated conditions are posted on the site, they are counted to be taken into action. All users have to check the site in order to get the latest information about the changes in the policy of the company. If the user continues to use or visit our site and accept e-mails from us, he/she automatically confirms their agreement with the updated statements.

Deleting your PD

If you want to remove any PD which you send to us through our site, please write to our support division. It will handle the request during a reasonable period of time, according to the statements explained herein, and will take appropriate measures.


If you have any questions according to the above mentioned statements, write to us at